AThe purpose of this program is to bootstrap the initial share of veLIT held by the Liquis protocol. Over the course of four weeks, users will be able to commit the BAL20-WETH-80LIT Balancer Pool Token. After the pre-launch period your BPTs will be converted into liqLIT which can then be withdrawn and staked to earn liqLIT rewards. One BPT is equivalent to one liqLIT token. For your convenience you can also deposit LIT which are converted into the BPT automatically.

AAll Pre-Launch participants will receive liqLIT tokens in accordance with the amount of BPTs they deposited into the program. Additionally, users will receive a share of the 2,000,000 LIQ set aside as participation incentives. These LIQ incentives will vest over the course of six months from the launch of the protocol.

ANo. In order to launch, Liquis will need to be approved as a liquid locker for Bunni by Timeless Finance governance. Ideally, this vote will be successfully settled prior to the end of the Pre-Launch Program. In case the process extends beyond the duration of the Pre-Launch Program, a grace period of 60 days will be appended. If Liquis is not approved by governance within this grace period, the launch will be determined a failure and users will be able to withdraw their deposits.

AUsers are eligible for all rewards emitted between the time of their deposit and the conclusion of the Pre-Launch Program. This means that depositors are only eligible for rewards emitted throughout the course of their deposit. Furthermore, the rate at which LIQ rewards are emitted steps down for every week of the program, from 800,000 LIQ in week one to 200,000 LIQ in week four

AYou can deposit either the BAL-20WETH-80LIT Balancer Pool Token or three other tokens: LIT, ETH, wETH. All of them will be converted to the Balancer Pool Token..

ANo, you can't withdraw from the Pre-Launch Program. Withdrawal is only possible during the grace period following the program in the event that Liquis fails to gain Timeless Finance approval.

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